Message from St Mochta's Church

Our live stream is not working at the moment and is being repaired.

Dear Parishioners,

During the month of May we were conscious of the tradition of devotion to Our Blessed Lady and we encouraged everyone to pray the rosary at home with family members, especially as most families were together in the “lockdown” due to the Covid 19 virus. We also invited parishioners to join us on the webcam to pray the rosary with us on Sunday evenings at 7pm as part of our Adoration liturgy.

As usual, our St Mochta’s Parish Children’s Liturgy Team including teachers from our Sacramental program came up with a creative and innovative idea in which they came together and prayed the Rosary under social distancing in these extraordinary times. The Rosary prayed by the team was for everyone in our parish and was located outdoors in the Meditation Garden at the back of our church.  The unique large Rosary Beads made by Gabriela Rivas, with social distancing in mind, linked everyone together in prayer. The Rosary began at our Tree of Hope and prayed its way around the Tree of Wisdom fountain. 

We decided that this special prayer event should be shared with you and thanks to the skills of Conor Diskin who recorded and edited the beautiful video making its sharing a reality.  The video truly represents the tradition of prayer and the strength of faith in our community particularly on this weekend when we should be celebrating our 130th anniversary of St Mochta’s Church.  And please God, when we begin to get together again, we have this whole 130th year to celebrate St Mochta and our faith with a renewed sense of spirt and togetherness.

We had hoped to open our year of celebration this weekend as Monday next marks the date of the turning of the first sod to start the construction of the church 130 years ago on the 1st of June in 1890. Postponement of our celebrations means we can continue to gather data and historical information on St. Mochta’s. Please see the item in the Newsletter headed “Gathering a history of St. Mochta’s Church . We would welcome any contributions you can supply. We also hope to embark on a program of renovations to the church which will necessitate fundraising. Sadly, the virus crisis has interrupted our plans and with the church closure even your contributions to the collections and shrines were stopped.   However, we are presently having a “Donate button” fitted on our website which will make it possible for you to make contributions to the parish. We hope it will be in place in the coming week and we will explain how it works in detail next week.   Once again, I wish to thank those who have made contributions to the Parish in the last few weeks and those who have sponsored the webcam.

In these challenging times, it is wonderful that many of our Parish groups are still actively involved, at a distance, in continuing the vibrancy of our Parish. The choirs are recording remotely to have music to enrich our masses, the Children’s Liturgy Team are holding their Sunday sessions over Zoom for families of children whose celebration of First Holy Communion and Confirmation has been postponed. The introduction of our webcam is reaching out to everyone in our parish and beyond, around the world, at a time when we cannot be together physically.  Even in lockdown our Church is alive and active in faith.  ‘Behind the scenes’ we are examining the conditions and regulations that will be required for the re-opening of the church. It is an extremely complicated procedure which will require the approval of the Archdiocese as well as adherence to the requirements of the medical officials who inform the current temporary government. We will keep you updated as we liaise with the above authorities.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful images of St Mochta’s Church and hear the prayer of the Rosary honouring Our Lady that was celebrated for your intentions and imploring Our Lady’s protection against the Covid 19 virus for you and we were joined by a chorus of bird song praising God.

I hope it brings you hope and joy as we celebrate the feast of Pentecost this Sunday, with the coming of the Holy Spirit to Our Blessed Mother and the Apostles bringing them strength to continue their mission. We ask the Holy Spirit to be with us too and to help us to use, in particular, his gift of COURAGE as we continue our faith mission. Let us remain positive and patient, with and towards everyone we meet, during our continued Covid challenges.

You will be able to access the Rosary video on the Homepage of our parish website.
(Unfortunately we cannot put a link on this page)

Fr Paul