Message from St Michael's Parish Church

"Light a Candle by Text”

Our candle shrine is now placed at the altar steps and is visible over the parish webcam.

To request a candle, phone or text 07753-801237, giving the name and number of the person who wants the candle lit. 

We suggest initially that parishioners observe a limit of five candles in any one request. 

While the usual donation is 50p each, this can be given at a later time when it is convenient, either by digital payment, post or through the parish office letterbox.

Thank you & God bless. 

Schedule of Liturgies:

Monday - Friday:

10am Mass.
3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet.

6pm Rosary.

10pm Night Prayer. 

Monday - Friday

(from Ash Wednesday)

7.30am Mass (During Lent)




10am Mass.
3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet.

6pm Vigil Mass for Sunday.

6.45pm Rosary & Legion of Mary  Prayers.

10pm Night Prayer.


8am Mass; 10.30am Mass; 12 noon Mass.

7pm Holy Hour & Benediction (Divine Mercy Devotion).
10pm Night Prayer.