is part of the MCN group of companies providing various services including PA systems, Large screen projectors etc. is an online streaming service which provides parishioners and people who may have immigrated with a direct link to their home Church for Mass and other events such as Weddings, Funeral, Novenas, Baptisms and lots more. With the launching of new services we are even more accessible to the community. Our list of churches is ever increasing opening up this service to many more people of all faiths and denominations.

With you can:

  • Watch Live Religious services through your web browser.
  • Watch Live on your mobile device.
  • Watch playback on a television with our bespoke Set Top Box.
  • Watch back recordings of services from the churches.
  • Download recorded services for a permanent record of a Mass, Wedding, Funeral or Special Service

If you would like further information or to discuss putting your church online please contact us.