Please Note: Recordings are only made at the request of the parish and are not automatically stored.


St. Alphonsus is a welcoming church and prides itself on being open to receive all peoples,various cultures

 and extended family in the faith. Your presence at our worship enriches our faith experience.

Scripture reference:

                     “Nothing can separate us from His love.”  (Rom 8:38).

Schedule for Monday:

Mass: 12:30 pm

Schedule for Tuesday:

Mass: 12:30 pm

Schedule for Wednesday:

Mass: 12.30 pm

Schedule for Thursday:

Mass: 12:30 pm

Schedule for Friday:

Mass: 12:30 pm

Schedule for Saturday:

Mass: 12:30 pm

Vigil Mass: 16:30 pm

Schedule for Sunday:

Mass: 10.00 am

Mass: 12 noon

Mass: 17:00 pm

Recordings of St. Alphonsus’ RC Church – The church at the Barras